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Mech-a-what? Mechatronics — the Engineering Field You Didn’t Know Existed


“Mech-a-what?” “What’s a mech-aaaa-TRON-ic engineer?” “What’s mechatronics?”


Welcome to the world of Mechatronic Engineering. According to Wikipedia:

Mechatronics, which is also called mechatronic engineering, is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that focuses on the engineering of both electrical and mechanical systems, and also includes a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering.

Mechatronic engineering is an engineering “specialty” that’s been around for quite some time, but wasn’t assigned its own field classification until recently. To put it simply, mechatronic engineering is a hybrid of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. This puts applications of robotics, control systems, electro-mechanical systems, and similar engineering in this field.



Pepper Sorting Machine I created along with other classmates as part of a group project.




Functional Block Diagram explaining the System


A great way to illustrate this is to think of us as go-betweens for mechanical and electrical teams, being able to speak both languages of the different fields, while not necessarily being specialized in one field over another (though having strengths in one versus another is likely). Some “mechas,” as we may refer to ourselves, have additional backgrounds in computer science, computer engineering, manufacturing, electrical engineering, or business.

So why has no one actually heard of us? My guess is it’s due to schooling — most know of mechanical, electrical, computer, civil, aerospace, robotics, and other degrees, partly because they’re offered at schools all over the world. Not very many schools offer a dedicated mechatronic engineering degree, though, which severely limits the exposure of this recently defined field.



So in a nutshell, we’re a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none sort. We’re specialized at not being specialized, yet mechatronic engineers can do quite a bit across multiple engineering disciplines and have a solid base from which to grow.

Mechatronic engineering alumni work with massive industrial robots, smaller robots in pick-and-place operations, control systems for bottling or packaging of food and drink products, drones, designing control systems for rides in amusement parks, prototype development, or even working to bring a robot to every home and office such as myself.


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Our Story


My name is Vernel Young and I am a proud graduate of the Manufacturing and Design Bachelor programme at UTT and the Founder of Spartan Innovation. Spartan Innovation is a Vincentian Startup developing Mechatronic Engineering solutions to help small and medium enterprises with the custom designing, building and integration of software and hardware to streamline business processes. This business idea was born out of the need to tap into the creative genius of Vincentians and from a boundless passion to lift our operating standards to world class levels.


It took me fifteen years to get to this point in my journey. The path that I took was long, winding and steeped in uncertainty with the occasional glimmers of joy and hope sparse between moments of success that lit the way ahead for a weary traveler. The time that I spent at UTT was one of those pivotal moments. It provided a rare opportunity for me to coalesce my prior learning and work experience with a versatile training programme that gave me the essential tools to chart the way ahead through uncharted territory. I am especially grateful for the help and assistance that I received from classmates and staff during my first year of study and the patience and dedication of the staff though out my sojourn at UTT. The initial period of transition was a roller-coaster experience, but failure was not an option. A heartfelt thanks to all who made this journey possible thus far.

Current Developments

At present, Spartan Innovation is validating its business model. We are currently focused on the development of our internal ICT business systems with some of our systems on bleeding edge stage of development. We have so far build out our Business Management System and Learning Management System. Our Learning Management System has the capacity to offer to prospective clients and employees alike the opportunity for Blended and Online learning as well as the ability to facilitate Competency Based Training with an e-Portfolio and prior learning digital record keeping facility and transcript management.

More information about Spartan Innovation and what we are currently doing can be found at our website along with relevant contact details. Our learning Management System can be found at Stay tuned as the metamorphosis concludes and the transformation unfolds.


The goal is All. The journey continues....

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