Brewery Graduation 2019 - Mechanic Module I

This competency-based training work program is part of a wider training vision that was conceived as the company seeks to develop career pathways which would allow employees to progress within the organization from an entry level worker to supervisory and management levels.

Competency Based Training (CBT)

What is competence?

Being competent means that:

  • You can perform a task/job/activity to an industry standard
  • You can repeat it time and time again in a consistent way
  • You have sufficient knowledge and skill to enable you to work in a range of different situations

To be consistently effective you need to understand the theories, models, principle, methods and techniques on which your work activities are based. People with this knowledge and understanding are able to decide and explain what and how things should be done.


What is Competency Based Training?

No two trainees will begin a training course or programme delivered by Spartan Innovation with the same workplace and operational experience. At Spartan Innovation, competency based training (CBT) with Blended Learning via mySpartan LMS allows for this. As you progress through your training courses or programme you will be given a performance rating or grade for the skills (called competencies) which you perform well and you will repeat tasks only in areas where you have problems.

In simple terms, competency based training is almost the opposite of a “driving test” i.e. doing it once to pass an exam. Under competency based assessment you are assessed under a wider range of operating conditions, but the assessment is far more flexible than a “driving test” which is a simple pass or fail situation. Each assessment has a maximum of three repeats with a performance rating of three (3) to five (5) or a grade of Pass upwards to Distinction reflecting the achievement of competency. This is equivalent to getting sixty (60) and above on a hundred (100) point scale.

For any element of competency/task to be signed off you must demonstrate it without any errors.

When all the elements of competency/tasks have been successfully completed, you are ready to undertake your Capstone Project which is a final practical assessment. It is obvious that trainees will progress at a different learning pace, good workers may struggle to grasp the theory, whereas a workplace manager may fly through the theory but lack confidence in a practical setting. Thus, the aim of the Capstone Project is to provide trainees with the opportunity to demonstrate their learning by doing a real world task or by solving an engineering problem in the workplace.

Due to the high risk nature of industrial work, even after you have fulfilled the requirements of a given training course delivered by Spartan Innovation, as a final test of competency you will sit the mandatory Final Examination, which is a comprehensive knowledge and a comprehension test in both the theory and practical elements of the underlying subject matter. This exam follows best practices in competency based assessment and allows for a maximum of three (3) repeats. Only trainees who demonstrate competency in both the Coursework and the Final Examination will be deemed competent overall.


Trainee Reflection on CBT

Below are snippets from a few reflection pieces written by trainees giving their experience with a CBT Workplace Programme, Maintenance Mechanic in the Brewery Industry.


Akeeno Woodley   What can I say about this course and how it has been particularly beneficial to me and my everyday tasks at work? Well, for one the course has opened up many new doors for me in terms of learning new skills and also enhancing my own knowledge about my machine and machinery in general. I have gathered a lot of respect for mechanics and maintenance at my workplace, at first I knew little to nothing at all about welding, industrial maintenance, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatic systems etc. More...
Junior Scott The course was worth all that was put into it and more because I was able to upgrade myself and get paid at the same time. There were some hiccups along the way, but was able to make the best of the resources on hand. I've always heard of Capstone Project and finally got the opportunity to apply the knowledge taught during this project. Which included disassembly and reassembly of components and elements, applying 5S, working with safely according to the company's specification, LOTO, PPE's etc. I was intrigued by the time span we had to cover all the above topics, but was able to complete with hard work and dedication. More...
Teron Benjamin   The learning experience was one that met my expectation, the material covered in the course was very beneficial to me. My understanding of pneumatic and hydraulic systems has been deepened and not only these systems, but I also have been taught techniques and procedures for installing and maintaining machine elements according to maintenance plans and technical data sheets from the manufacturer. The course material was well received and with the knowledge gained I can function more effectively in the maintenance department. More...
Dwayne Richards In conclusion, it is with great distinctive comfort I can say what I was promised in being taught was taught, so that I can do my job to the best of my knowledge and competency because with great power comes great responsibility. More...


More of these reflections can be viewed from the site blog at this link. At Spartan Innovation, we wish much success to all trainees who attained competence in this Workplace Programme and to future trainees.