Just the other day something got me thinking about credentials and I couldn't help thinking that a degree may not always work for you. So choose wisely. From a rational point of view the vocational people are the boss.

For example, a middle income professional with his bachelor or masters would find himself going to the loan officer with the same or higher to get 100,000.00 plus dollars loan to put in the hands of skilled tradesman with just a certificate or diploma, if that much at all, to build his dream home. Or the lawyer man with his BMW going to a roadside mechanic and leaving his expensive ride in the hands of so call "high school dropouts" to fix. There are a lot more examples in our society but I think the point is clear.

However, we have a tendency to undervalue these people in our society. We continue to promote the professions of doctors and lawyers, not that anything is wrong with those professions they are noble in their own standing. But the most striking thing happens, when technical problems start to manifest themselves, who do they call? Well I'll tell you: the same guy who they were in class with but didn't "make it" and he learned a trade skill along the way to become a Master Craftsman. Now imagine that. Our safety is in the hands of people who we once thought of as ones who couldn't learn or ones who did not have the mental capacity to advance to achieve great educational accomplishments.

Now I am of the view that they are the forgotten ones among us, the ones we left behind as advanced ourselves blazing our paths to glory. I think that they are the real unsung heroes among us. So I would just like to use this space to send greetings to the skills men and women among us today. Your sacrifices make our happiness, joys and comforts possible.



The goal is All. The journey continues into the unknown where uncertainty abounds but fortune favors the brave.