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About Company

Spartan Innovation is a Vincentian Startup developing Mechatronic engineering solutions to help small and medium enterprises with the custom designing, building and integration of software and hardware to streamline business processes.

Spartan Innovation offers a combination of automation, innovation and design that revolutionizes the way our business benefits clients by enabling rapid innovation and on-demand manufacturing.

We make use of rapid prototyping technology that allows for the sooner identification of design issues and enable us to help our clients to beat their competitors to market, reduces their cost of doing business, increases turnaround times, decreases lead times by an average of 25% and increase profitability.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to provide clients with cutting edge Mechatronic products and services, while ensuring good quality, innovation and cost effectiveness, helping our clients to grow.

VISION: The vision of Spartan Innovation is to become the premier supplier of Mechatronic engineering products and services in the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States).

PHILOSOPHY: At Spartan Innovation, we have six core values: honesty, integrity, fun, innovation, community and tenacity.

  • Honesty & Integrity - Honesty and integrity are at the centerpiece of our code of ethics and customer care. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every transaction, interaction and business dealings are done with the highest level of honesty and integrity.
  • Fun, Innovation, & Community - Fun, innovation, and community are at the core of our business culture. We strive to create a fun-fill business atmosphere where employees can engage in innovative adventures that will empower them, build the business and contribute to our client’s success.
  • Tenacity - Tenacity is the cornerstone of the business. It is the deeply ingrained principle and fabric that guides the business’s actions and decisions, employee behavior and the source of our strength and favor. We are never really satisfied with our accomplishments. We are always discovering something that can be improved, where something new can be learned, and new core strengths can be achieved.


What we offer


Design, Prototyping..


From conceptual idea to product..


Robotics, Automation, Controls..

Manufacturing Consultancy

Automation, Systems Engineering..

Research & Development

What we are working on.

mySpartan HCM

mySpartan HCM

Small and medium enterprise resource planning software.

mySpartan SIMS

mySpartan SIMS

Information Management System for primary and secondary schools.

mySpartan LMS

mySpartan LMS

Learning Management System for blended and online learning.

Moonshot Idea

Moonshot Idea

Community Outreach

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